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Warmly celebrate the organic tea WuYuanXian limited liability company website operational

        Warmly celebrate the organic tea WuYuanXian limited liability company website, the operational WuYuanXian on the basis of the factory in January 2004 36.52%, is a priority in organic tea joint-stock limited liability company. Existing more than 8000 mu organic products base: organic tea bases, blueberries, ginkgo, hawthorn, mint, ginger, pomegranate until the organic products base. Company has employees, mostly 236 laid-off again obtain employment personnel. Technical force is abundant, engineers, technicians and tea leaves, the registered capital of six division is 1.5 million yuan, municipal leading enterprises.
       In 1995 the organic tea grown in China, is engaged in the production of the organic tea is one of the enterprises. Since 1998, it has 12 consecutive years F32600 SA issued ECOCERT organic product certificate. 2005 self-supporting imports and exports to counterpoise, organic products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States and other developed countries, have been well received. Domestic famous tea also have considerable market.
      Company production of organic variety, except the organic tea (eyebrow tea and ZhuCha), and organic tea, oolong tea, white, ZhuCha, jasmine tea, ginger, ginkgo, blueberries, mint, pomegranates, and good eyebrow, immortal, cloud peaks, Tracy, wild tea tea.
     Located in the northeast of the village, is the main river of star. Here, the high mountain brook bamboo chui Lin, bubbling streams, the cloud, picturesque green areas, is the main. Advantageous natural conditions, make excellent tea quality. There has always been a good place of tea. In the history of the four main stream from three heads, they were: 61 GuiHuaShu mountain tea, use the tea, lingshan tea. Gold is LuZhuang and the use of tea brand. Including liyuan trademark has been registered for 15 years, the market at home and abroad have certain well-knownness, the majority of customers approval.