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Wuyuan Xitou Organic Tea Co. Ltd 

specializes intheprocessing and fairtrade and conventional teas.
      Wuyuan Xitou Organic Tea Co. Ltd has extensive experience in organic farming. The tea garden was, most probably, the first tea garden to be certified organic in China. The initial certification in 1995 was by OFDC which is the primary certifier in China. Organic certification has been with Ecocert SA F32600 consistently since 1998.
      The management of the Wuyuan Xitou Organic Tea Co was involved in the introduction of Fairtrade in China and has been a certified FLO Fairtrade producer since 2005.
       Wuyuan Xitou Organic Tea Co. Ltd is located at the heart of what is popularly known
as China’s Golden Tea Triangle. Our tea base is high on the mountain which borders Anhui and Jiangxi provinces. Further to the east is Zhejiang Province and to the South we are also close to Fujian Province.
      Our traditions in tea date back many hundreds of years. The original Xitou Tea Company was formed in 1984. The move to organic farming brought the reforms have now made Wuyuan Xitou Organic Tea Co. Ltd one of China’s primary producers of organic tea.
      We offer organic green tea including Gunpowder and Chunmee which is one of the classic teas of our region. We also offer a range of other teas including organic black tea , organic white tea , organic jasmine tea, organic ginko leaf , organic blueberry leaf and conventional tea.
      Our county Wuyuan is one of only 10 the nationally recognized eco-agriculture model counties in China. Wuyuan has been praised as the most beautiful countryside in China. Enjoying an ecologically protected environment of green hills, clean water and fresh air.
      We give the same care and attention to our organic teas. Keeping up with the latest scientific findings and organic standards as well as procedures to process fine teas from freshly picked leaves in our organic tea gardens high up in the mountains.
       They are many varieties of tea for you to choose from and we hope to hear from you.
You can always be assured of a warm welcome at the Wuyuan Xitou Organic Tea Company